Monday 10 September 2018

Looking for a fantasy novel to read? So was I. Here's what my Twitter followers suggested.

Are you into fantasy reading? Oh, silly question, I know. If you're here, you probably are.

Recently, I had a hankering for some new fantasy reading and I threw the question open to my followers on Twitter, asking for recommendations. Rather than keep the suggestions to myself, here's what they had to say - along with my own thoughts on some of the titles they suggested. Oh, and I'm sharing the links to the tweets themselves - so you can go follow some of those whose suggestions you like!

I've read both of the books above - and very well worth recommending they are too. I really, really enjoyed American Gods - it's a splendid standalone novel bringing mythology to life in the context of modern America. It can be dark, it can be grimly funny, and it's delightfully subversive. 

Well, A Song of Ice and Fire probably needs no introduction other than mentioning the other name it often gets recognised by, that of the first book A Game of Thrones. It's a smashing series - though I have to confess the past two books have gone a little more slowly, with a lot of characters being moved around into position for the final push. It's been a great journey - and I can't wait to see who lives, who dies, and who will sit on the Iron Throne. 

Each of these others are new to me - though I've been reading Sanderson's Stormlight Archive series. New ones for the list, though!

I've read quite a lot by Weis & Hickman - ever since the Dragons of Autumn Twilight as a D&D-playing teen. The Death Gate Cycle is one I hadn't heard of - but the mention of The Black Company is one I've had a few times. I think that one will be a must-read.

The Kingkiller Chronicles, by Patrick Rothfuss, starts with The Name of the Wind - and I think it reads better as part of the series as a whole. It's a real page-turner, and a very cleverly constructed book. The reason I say it's better as part of a read of the series is that, for all that it's nicely done, not a huge amount happens in book one, but it's certainly got a feel of a mature version of good old Harry Potter's journey from student to hero. Though I'm not terribly convinced we can say the leading character will necessarily turn out to be on the side of the angels...

Gosh! Fevre Dream, that takes me back! I must have been 16 or so when I read that - I'll confess for George Martin, my go-to remains the Wild Cards series, but yes, Fevre Dream is a vampire lover's delight. 

Thanks, Martin! A good selection there indeed! Wurts and Feist are long favourites, ever since Faerie Tale by the latter, and the Empire Trilogy that brought both authors together. Good ideas! I'd always held off the Wheel of Time series, as it seemed it would never likely be completed. Oh, but hey, what's it say on the cover I posted just there? Oh. Yes. I guess the wheel of time has turned for me...

I already had Dread Nation on my Kindle when Geoff suggested it - and boy oh boy, what a cover that is. I'm about halfway through reading it since Geoff's suggestion and I'll have a review coming up sometime soon. 

Children of Blood and Bone, I'll confess, I was about to buy that recently when I saw the paperback was cheaper than the Kindle. I was put off buying at the time because, if I'm going to pick that up, I might as well get the physical copy rather then the digital. Still on my to-buy list for next time I'm across in the States. 

Thanks for the suggestion, Nicole! 

I'd really better before Lyra gets tetchy! (It's on my Kindle, in fact the whole series is, so... yeah, soon!)

I like David's suggestions - and I love that cover. Goes on the wishlist. 

And a hearty bunch of urban fantasy to round out the list - I've read a bit of Anita Blake, and the first three Dresden novels. Neither were, alas, terribly for me, but of course each has legions of fans.

So that's the list - I'll be sure to pick up a few from there, and do check back for the reviews to see what I thought of them. Thank you to those who shared the titles they love - and for those reading, do add more in the comments below! 

Enjoy your reading! 

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