Saturday 24 December 2016

So you have a new Kindle? Here's 12 Books For Christmas (and a few more)!

Many of you will have unwrapped a shiny, new Kindle for Christmas - or be about to as I post this just before Christmas Day itself - and might just be wondering what to fill it with. Well, just before Christmas came around, I asked a bunch of authors and readers for their recommendations of books - so here, without further ado, are the suggestions they gave to me. I'd add one suggestion of my own - many of the folks whose tweets feature here are talented authors themselves, so go check out the links at the top of their Twitter too! I started shouting for 12... I feel the list may have run a little long. Add your own suggestions too in the comments!

Here's how I set the ball rolling...

In addition, members of the Sci-Fi Roundtable Facebook group have a host of offers running over the festive season - check them out below:

You can find those titles at these links: 

The Fated Sky -
Clarity -
Sprocket & The great Museum Scam -
Pilot -
Zombie Turkeys -
Shiva XIV -
Eden's Serum -
Stormhaven Rising -
Quartet -

Whatever you choose for your Kindle, happy reading - and a very happy Christmas!

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