Friday 13 May 2022

A very magical offer - FREE BOOKS this weekend


ROLL up, roll up, get your free books! 

Thanks to the fabulous Christine McMullen, who invited Inklings Press to take part, four of the Inklings books are in a multi-author promotion taking place today. 

All four books - Tales of Magic & Destiny, Tales From The Underground, Tales of Wonder and Tales From The Pirate's Cove - are FREE this weekend. 

But. But. But. Don't just stop there. 

I did say multi-author promotion, did I not? 

You can check out the full list of books that are available - many free, some discounted to less than a buck - over at a dedicated blog page set up for the purpose. 

You can find that full list right here:

Who are the authors involved? Well, aside from finding them on that blog page, you can also find them on Twitter. Follow the links in my tweet below. 

You'll find four stories of mine in the mix - 

• Out of the Dust in Tales of Magic & Destiny

• Professor Algernon Whitlock's Exotic and Fabulous Grand Tour of the Underworld in Tales From The Underground

The Last Sorceror in Tales of Wonder

• To The End of the World in Tales From The Pirate's Cove. 

You can find an audio reading of Out of the Dust, by me, in the YouTube clip below: 

And that's it. Free stuff. Good stuff. So go visit and grab your weekend's reading. 

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