Wednesday 2 December 2020

FREE AUDIO STORY: Out of the Dust, by Leo McBride

I did a deal with Twitter. Perhaps that was unwise. 

For Black Friday weekend, the short story anthology Tales of Magic & Destiny was free - including my story Out of the Dust. 

I called on Twitter to give it a bunch of retweets - and if people rose to the challenge, I'd record an audio version. So here we are. I swigged some rum, I read some words, and I told the tale of a village on the brink of disaster, a ragtag group of strangers in search of survival... and a warrior with no name, who could be their salvation, who could be their destruction. 

I hope you enjoy. I recommend listening while drinking some rum. It certainly worked for me while reading it. Happy listening. 

If the embedded version above has any issues, you can listen to the full version on Soundcloud here

It's also available on YouTube here: 
You can pick up Tales of Magic & Destiny on Amazon at

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