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PRESS KIT: Tales From The Pirate's Cove, by Inklings Press

It's that time again - a new book from Inklings Press! Tales from the Pirate's Cove is an anthology of short stories all about pirates. All kinds of pirates - charting courses across sea, space and even time.

This press kit is available for anyone to use - reviewers, bloggers, friends and soon-to-be friends. We love seeing reviews, whether you love the book or whether you don't. We value your opinion regardless of whether it's a five-star or a one-star. The graphics in here are free for you to use wherever you please - blog, social media, and so on.

So without further ado, here's the information about the book, and the graphics. The graphics will be added to as we get closer to launch, and include animations, so by all means check back to see what has been added.

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Book cover

Book blurb

Set sail for adventure!

Join us in the company of pirates in this treasure trove of stories from a crew of talented authors.

Expect the unexpected - with tales stretching from the high seas to high orbit, from swashbucklers to space corsairs. Navigate these pages to find monsters, time travelers, buccaneers, ghosts and more.

Twelve stories. Twelve authors. Twelve worlds to explore.

Come, me hearties, there are new horizons to discover.

Launch graphic (sized for Twitter)

Chapter frontispieces

Each story in the book has its own graphic created to represent the story, hopefully giving you a flavour of what you are about to read! Here they are, in order as they appear in the book.  

Individual author graphics, Twitter size

Jennifer Lee Rossman

Kelly Lynn Colby

Ricardo Victoria

Allison Tebo

Bob Finegold

Rob Edwards

Pat Woods

Tom Jolly

Brent A. Harris

Leo McBride

Lawrence Harding

Claire Buss

Full-wrap book cover

Animated gifs of book covers

Each of the frontispieces has also been given a little animation magic in gif form - again, these are presented in the order the story appears in the book.


Author biographies

Each of these is included in the book so you can find out more about the authors who appear - but reprinted here for ease of use.

Meet Jennifer Lee Rossman

Jennifer Lee Rossman is a queer, autistic and disabled science fiction writer from Binghamton, New York. 
She says she is a writer of science fiction and fantasy stories and books that make her grandma say “well, that’s interesting”. She calls her stories weird, usually sweet, usually acceptable for children, and with most of her characters either queer, autistic or disabled in some way. 
This is Jennifer’s first story with Inklings Press, but she has plenty more for you to discover. Pop by her website, to find out about Jack Jetstark’s Intergalactic FreakShow, Love and Bubbles, tales of romance and space opera, short stories, anthologies, novellas, novel and more. There’s a bunch of free stories too if this has you wanting more. 
You can also find her on Twitter as @JenLRossman. 

Meet Kelly Lynn Colby

Kelly Lynn Colby is a writer of all things fantasy. Whenever she tries to create a mundane story, a dragon pops in to take over. She eventually stopped fighting and caved to the magic. The dragons must have known something she didn’t, because her debut novel, Tarbin’s True Heir, won a bronze medal in the IPPYs for fantasy. You can find her work in the Recharging series as well as numerous short stories in anthology collections. 
For her day job, she is the Publisher and Editorial Director of Cursed Dragon Ship Publishing, LLC. You can find out about this company on
Her BS in biology hangs above her desk looking important while she writes about other worlds. To learn more about Kelly, check out her website, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter @kcolbywrites.

Meet Ricardo Victoria

Ricardo Victoria is a Mexican writer with a Ph.D. in Design from Loughborough University and a love of fiction, board games, comic books, and action figures. He lives in Mexico with his wife and pet dogs and works as a full-time lecturer and researcher at the local university. He writes mainly science fantasy. 
His first novel, Tempest Blades: The Withered King, was released in August 2019 by Shadow Dragon Press, an imprint of Artemesia Publishing. The sequel is due for publication in August 2021. He has a number of stories published by Inklings Press and Rivenstone Press. 
His short story Twilight of the Mesozoic Moon, jointly written with Brent A. Harris, was nominated for a Sidewise Award for short form alternative history. His short story Silver Horn won first place in the Literary Creation Contest short fantasy story division in the State of Mexico. 
You can find out more at his website,, or follow him on Twitter, @Winged_Leo. 
Meet Allison Tebo

Allison Tebo is a Christian writer committed to creating magical stories full of larger-than-life characters, a dash of grit, and plenty of laughs. 
She is the author of the Tales of Ambia, a series of romantic comedy retellings of popular fairy tales and her flash fiction and short stories have been published in Splickety, Spark, Inklings Press, and Rogue Blades Entertainment. 
Allison graduated with merit from  London Art College after studying cartooning and children’s illustration and, when not creating new worlds with words or paint, she enjoys reading, baking, and defending her championship title of Gif Master.  
You can find out more about her work at or follow her on Facebook at Allison Tebo Author.

Meet Bob Finegold

Bob Finegold is a recently retired radiologist living in Maine. As a young man, he was a self-confessed grade school science nerd, devouring science books and then the works of Asimov, Clarke, Silverberg, Bradbury, Tolkien... and the road goes ever on from there. 
After hanging up his stethoscope, he picked up the pen once more that he had used for submissions to magazines such as Asimov’s and Fantasy & Science Fiction. He has been published professionally since 2016, and has been a multiple Writers of the Future contest finalist, and a guest panelist at a range of conventions. 
He is the consultant editor of Myths, Legends and Fairy Tales for the online magazine Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, and reads for the new Future Science Fiction Digest as well. He also edited the anthology 3rd and Starlight, from Future Finalists Publishing, in 2017. 
You can find more about his work at, and you’ll find him on Twitter as @DocHistory. 

Meet Rob Edwards

Rob Edwards was first published at the age of 11 in a Royal National Institute for the Blind anthology called Stories For A Prince in honour of the birth of Prince William with his tale Dragon Valley. He admits it went a little slower for the next two decades. Then he had several RPG scenarios published by Wizards of the Coast as part of their convention-based Star Wars campaign Living Force - leading to Rob having his own (very short) entry on Wookieepedia. 
Rob has been regularly published by Inklings Press. He has also appeared on RB Wood’s Word Count podcast, and has a podcast of his own called Storycast Rob on iTunes and at - where you can hear some of his previous stories and samples from his novel writing. 
He has published his own collection of stories titled Mic Drop - and his first novel, The Ascension Machine, is due out in September, 2020, published by Shadow Dragon Press. 
You can find Rob on Twitter @storycastrob. 

Meet Pat Woods

Pat Woods is a writer from Nottingham, UK, who moved to Taiwan in 2008 for an adventure that turned into a lifetime commitment. His short stories have been published by Zombie Pirate Publishing, Spring Song Press, and elsewhere. He writes fantasy and speculative fiction, and was nominated for the 2016 Pushcart Prize for his Sherlock Holmes pastiche “The Adventure of the Etheric Projection.” 

Meet Tom Jolly

Tom Jolly is a retired astronautical/electrical engineer who now spends his time writing SF and fantasy, designing board games, and creating obnoxious puzzles. His stories have appeared in Analog SF, Daily Science Fiction, Compelling Science Fiction, New Myths, and a number of anthologies, including “As Told By Things” and “Shards” - and Tales of Magic & Destiny, the previous anthology from Inklings Press. 
He lives in Santa Maria, California, with his wife Penny in a place where mountain lions and black bears still visit. You can discover more of his stories at 
You can also find him on Twitter @TomJolly19. 

Meet Brent A. Harris

Brent A. Harris is a regular in Inklings Press anthologies, and was nominated for a Sidewise Award for his short story in Tales From Alternate Earths, co-authored with Ricardo Victoria. He was also nominated for a Sidewise Award for his novel, A Time of Need, an alternate history in which George Washington fights on the side of the British. 
Brent has also recently published A Twist In Time, a steampunk take on Dickens’ characters. 
He has also featured in a number of other publications, including Anthology Askew, Altered Instinct, and elsewhere. You can find him on Facebook at and Twitter @BrentAHarris1. 

Meet Leo McBride

Leo McBride is a journalist, editor and fiction writer. He has been published previously in each of the Inklings Press anthologies, along with collections from the Sci-Fi Roundtable, Rhetoric Askew, Starklight Press and elsewhere. He has also self-published his own short story collection Quartet, available on Amazon, and ghost written a number of biographies. 
You can find more of his work on his blog,, on Twitter as @AlteredInstinct and on 

Meet Lawrence Harding

Lawrence Harding is the literary alter-ego of a (recovering?) medievalist from Cambridge, England. After filling his life with medieval literature, folklore and fantasy fiction on the other, it was inevitable that he would end up combining them. This is one of the results of that (un)holy union. He has previously appeared in Tales from the Underground at Inklings Press, having discovered our previous anthologies as a reader.
Lawrence publishes free-to-read fiction at and can be found lurking on Twitter at @lhardingwrites.

Meet Claire Buss

Claire is a multi-genre author and poet. She wanted to be Lois Lane when she grew up but work experience at her local paper was eye-opening. Instead, Claire went on to work in a variety of admin roles for over a decade but never felt quite at home. An avid reader, baker and Pinterest addict Claire won second place in the Barking and Dagenham Pen to Print writing competition in 2015 setting her writing career in motion.
Claire is also Deputy Editor for Write On! magazine.
She has published The Gaia Collection, a trilogy of hopeful dystopian cli-fi, and The Roshaven books, a series of humorous fantasy novels. 
Claire has also featured in a number of anthologies - including by Inklings Press - as well as publishing her own short story collections and poetry. 
You can find out more about Claire on her website,, or catch up with her on Twitter @Grasshopper2407.

Incidental graphics

Other graphics included in the book

What do the reviews say? 

Check out this review by Geoff Habiger on Goodreads

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