Sunday 15 March 2020

Stuck inside? Here are some free books to read

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many people find themselves at home through either self-isolation or quarantine. Over at Inklings Press, there's very little we can do about the bigger situation, obviously. Indeed, many of our authors are caught up in the middle of it just the same as everyone else. So we're doing what little we can - hopefully offering a little distraction from it all.

All of our books will be free as electronic downloads from March 20-24. Grab 'em, download 'em, enjoy 'em whenever they might keep your mind off things.

Also, to other authors, if you have free books available that you want to let people know about, pass the word here and we'll happily add the links so people can find them.

Be safe, be well, and we'll be around on @InklingsPress and @AlteredInstinct to chat if needed.

Oh, and from now until the Inklings Press offer kicks in on Friday, Leo McBride's short story collection Quartet is also available as a free download. Enjoy.

Links below to each of the downloads. Remember, it's not until Friday that the Inklings Press free offer kicks in, so don't buy by accident.

Inklings Press Books

Tales From The Tower collects the first two Inklings anthologies - Tales From The Mists and Tales From The Tavern. Tavern was the first book we produced, with five fantasy stories. Mists lets horror creep in, with another five horror stories. Available at:

Tales From The Universe sets its sights on the stars. Universe collects ten science fiction stories, stretching from visions of Earth's future to the most distant of stars. Available at:

 Tales From Alternate Earths was our first voyage into alternate history - and turned out to be an award-winner for Daniel M Bensen, whose story Treasure Fleet won the coveted Sidewise Award. Brent A Harris and Ricardo Victoria also scored a nomination for their tale of dinosaurs and time travel. Check it out at:

Tales of Wonder takes science in one hand and fantasy in the other and smashes them together to create worlds where both exist. As Arthur C Clarke said, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Join us and see if you can spot where one ends and the other begins. Available at:

Tales From The Underground came about by popular demand from our authors and would-be contributors. They wanted an anthology where the focus was underground, the stories beneath our feet, or sometimes beneath the surface of society. Bursting with 12 tales delving deep into possible worlds, we hope you enjoy:

After the success of Tales From Alternate Earths, a return to alternate history was inevitable - and it produced some fabulous stories. Packed with 11 tales, Tales From Alternate Earths 2 is available at:

 Our most recent anthology plunged into realms of fantasy - back where it all began for Inklings Press. With 12 stories, it delves into dungeons, crosses battlefields, challenges prophecies and conjures up characters ready to face the gods themselves. Available at:

The Sparkly Badgers of Facebook

The Sparkly Badgers of Facebook is a splendid group of supportive authors - and for Halloween last year they produced a horror anthology. It's permanently free on Amazon, and you can pick it up here:

Nils Odlund

Nils Odlund is a fellow member of the SciFi Roundtable Facebook group - he has the first four books of his Lost Dogs series available free from March 20-22. Check them out below.

Jane Jago and E.M.Swift-Hook

I don't think I would have gotten quite so far along with my writing if it wasn't for the inestimable encouragement of the marvelous Jane Jago and E.M.Swift-Hook. They have two books that will be free from Saturday until Wednesday, the Dai and Julia omnibus, a collection of their first stories in their alternate history world of detectives in a modern-day Roman Empire, and Aaspa's Eyes, a novel from Jane. Links below.

Diane Morrison

Diane Morrison is someone you really ought to follow on Twitter. She gave a shoutout for some of her works. There's a few links, so let me add her tweet here then you can follow her and follow the links all in one :)

Danielle DeSote

Also from the SciFi Roundtable, Danielle DeSote offered this list of her books available for free:

Cursed Hearts Box Set (entire series plus bonus novella)
The Dreamer (Keepers Prequel Novella)
Mother of Shadows (The Chosen Book 1)

Other books

Danielle was kind enough to also supply a list of other books presently available for free. It's quite lengthy, so hopefully you'll find something in this list to suit you. Do double check the free offer is still running, of course, just in case some have expired or not kicked in yet.

Jessica Wayne (Contemp & Fantasy Romance)
The Lumberjack Effect
Olive You
Rescuing Norah
Shielding Jemma
The Prophecy Series Box Set
Tethered Duet
Collateral Damage
The Last Ward:
Randi Cooley Wilson (PNR)
Laura Thalassa
Dark Bargainer Series:
May Sage (PNR)
After Darkness Falls:
Colleen Hoover (Contemp Romance):
Too Late:
Never Never:
C.M. Stunich (Romance - Various)
Becoming Us Again (standalone) -
Baby Girl (standalone) -
Pack Ebon Red (book #1) -
Gray and Graves (book #1) -
Indigo & Iris (book #1) -
A M Johnson
Laurelin Paige (Contemp Romance)
Fiona Davenport (Contemp Romance)
Adriane Leigh (Contemp Romance)
Whiskey Girl
J.M. Walker (Erotic Romance)
Beautiful Pain -
From Within -
Broken Scars -
Unexpected Surrender -
On A Whim (Novella) -
One (An Erotic Novella) -
Heat (Parker Reed, #1) -
Edge (Parker Reed, #2) -
Break Me (Shattered, #1) -
Always Me (Shattered, #2) -
Remember Me (Shattered, #3) -
Torn Series Boxed Set (Books 1-4) -
Red (A Brett MacLean Duet) -
Grit (King's Harlots, #1) -
Greyson (Hell's Harlem, #1) -
Crystal Perkins (Romance Various) (authors entire catalog of about 40)

Jane Last

Jane Last also got in touch from the Sci-Fi Roundtable to let us know that her distant future novel Hyos: The Sleep Machine is available for free at various stores. Here's the Kobo link:

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