Friday 12 July 2019

It's new book day! Tales of Magic & Destiny is out now

It's new book day! Tales of Magic & Destiny is out now - including my story Out of the Dust.

The book's filled with some great stories, really you need to discover it for yourself to read all the splendid fantasy stories inside.

That said, I thought I'd take a moment to talk about my story - Out of the Dust, which features a returning character from one of my previous tales.

Back when Inklings Press first started out, our first anthology was Tales From The Tavern, a fistful of fantasy stories that included my story A Taste For Battle.

As we were returning to fantasy, I wanted to come back to one of the characters from that tale, at a time earlier in his life, before we even knew who he was. He's also not the main character of Out of the Dust, but rather something of a loaded gun. He's there ready to go off at a moment's notice. 

A Taste For Battle also saw me introduce the Reavers, a race of insectoid beings which fed on the memories of those they defeated in battle. So I had to have a monster to match this time - and it takes the shape of a Sand Wyvern. 

The Sand Wyvern is a huge beast that lives within the sand of the desert itself. Not content with its massive, brutish frame, it also has razor-sharp tentacles that whip around it - ideal for clearing its path as it moves or, more dangerously, shredding its enemies.

That's not the only enemy the characters of Out of the Dust face. Indeed the worst enemy is simply this: thirst. 

Life in the desert can be pretty hard. It's even worse when the source you depend on for your water is gone. 

All of these things I tell you without spoilers. This is the backdrop against which our heroes have to survive. Will they all make it? Well, what do you think...

You can pick up Tales of Magic & Destiny on Amazon as an ebook or paperback. The link is

Oh, and you can also check out fellow author Rob Edwards as he chats on his YouTube channel about his story - a splendid piece in which traits are embodied as godly beings. 

You can hear him chat about that below. 

I hope you enjoy the book - I'm really honoured to be alongside some great writers in there.

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