Thursday 18 April 2019

Join an Easter Egg Hunt - and win free books!

Attention book lovers! I've got a challenge for you - join the Sparkly Badgers Easter Egg Hunt! I wouldn't offer a challenge without a potential reward, though - pictured below are a host of books available as prizes, including one from me, Tales From Alternate Earths 2.

So, how can you take part? Read on, below!

Do you like to read? Do you like FREE books? Come join the Sparkly Badgers Easter Egg Hunt on Facebook. All you have to do is stop over on the event page, we give you the first website, and off you go. Look for an egg on each website that links to the next one in line. Collect the letters and unscramble the anagram. Then tell us the answer to be entered in for a chance to win eBooks from some eggtastic indie authors.

You can check out each author on the event page too to find out where you can discover more of their work. Do join in, and discover a host of great new authors. 

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