Thursday 18 October 2018

Inklings Press: A fantastic announcement - and a change of tack

There's a stirring at Inklings Tower. Something is afoot. 
The time has come for the Inklings crew to throw the doors open wide again in search of submissions for the next anthology. 
And it's a return to our beginnings this time. The first anthology released by Inklings Press was Tales From The Tavern - a short collection of five fantasy stories by some of the early, happy crew that thought it was time to have a go. You can still read that - it's collected in the Tales From The Tower anthology that rounds up the first year of Inklings Press. 
Fantasy was where we began - and fantasy is where our next anthology will take us. 
We want you to dare to dream. We want you to imagine fantasy worlds that will surprise, that will excite. 
It's also a new beginning in a different way. We're trying out a new payment structure. Previously we have paid a share of royalties for each book - but we're going to test out something new this time. 
For the next anthology, payment is $50 per story, with payment made upon publication. 
Why are we doing this? Well, our ambition is to aim towards becoming SFWA eligible in time - and a flat payment works more easily for that than the royalty structure. We've got a distance to go, but it's a first step, and all great journeys need a first step. 
We would also love to see submissions from members of under-represented groups - and fantasy worlds that might go beyond the more familiar. We'd love to see what you've got. 
For more information, see 
Send your stories to - and feel free to ask us questions by email or on Twitter @InklingsPress. 
The deadline is December 31, 2018. Further details - the title of the new anthology and cover reveal - will come closer to publication, which is anticipated in Q1 of 2019. 
Thank you for listening - and we look forward to your submissions! 

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