Friday 25 August 2017

The Inspiration for Ambrosia - poetry with a cause

We have a guest post today on the blog - courtesy of Erik Keizer, the man behind Ambrosia, which brings together poetry and a jolly good cause. But don't let me hold you up - here's Erik to tell you all about it. 

The inspiration for Ambrosia came from my need to acknowledge the amazing poets I met on Facebook. Not only were these people fantastic writers, but also my friends - people with whom I shared a love of the written word. I saw these wordsmiths pouring out their hearts and souls on their walls, where they’d receive a few “likes” and comments, and realized that there was a need for their work to reach a larger audience. 

I approached Sam DeLoach with my idea, and he was excited to finally have a showcase for the four decades worth of poems which comprise his amazing body of work. Sam has been so prolific. His own first collection is also due out this year- and the excellent pieces he has so lovingly crafted are timeless and beautiful. 

Veronica Falletta and I met quite by accident. I happened to trip over her only post in a poetry group I was perusing. I instantly fell in love with her amazingly tender and deep lines, and knew she was someone who deserved to have her work shared with the world. I am so proud to be a (small) part of her literary journey. 

Phillip Matthew Roberts, a true Southern gentleman, is a profoundly deep thinker, philosopher, and consummate wordsmith. When I first read his imagery laden, masterful pieces, I was an instant fan. He is a provocative writer; someone who drags his readers into depths-and heights-on a journey through the complexities of the mind, and life. I am so happy that he agreed to be a part of this project. 

Alyssa Trivett’s work tickles me. She combines astute observations of the work-a-day world with intensely personal, yet universal, interpretations of everything from the mundane, to the existential. Her love of all things coffee related both motivates, and bedevils her at times, much to her readers’ benefit, as she deftly navigates traffic and corporate life. Her work is uniquely deep and often humorous. 

Mello Sakia is a true Renaissance Man. He is a philosopher who contemplates the intricacies of life through the eyes of a young man who is mature well beyond his years. He is a gifted musician and sensitive soul who deeply feels a sincere passion for life and love flowing through his veins. Introspective and contemplative, he invites his readers on a journey of exploration into the mind of modern society. 

Amanda Mabry, a talented artist with a high level of expertise in a variety of mediums, kept her beautiful poetry hidden for too many years. I am so proud of her for making the (correct) decision to share her poetry with her fans- of which, I am one. Readers should keep their eyes on her, as she surely has a bright future in the realm of modern poets. 

Stephanie Ayers is a true Renaissance Woman. She is a novelist, a graphic designer, poetess, and animal lover, as is evidenced by her home menagerie. Although I have had the pleasure of her friendship for a number of years now, until this project came about, I didn’t know she also writes poetry- and does it well. I respect her advice, creativity, and integrity, and realized that her poetry is as well written as any, more acclaimed, modern poet. 

Stacy Overby writes from the heart, about as many diverse subjects as there are seconds in a day. I love her takes on the classic poetic forms- the way she so seamlessly melds the modern with the classic. She is often wry and self-depreciating, and demonstrates a sincere longing to align life with her hopes and dreams. She is a woman of many talents, and although she came to this project rather late - my fault for not asking her to join sooner than I did - her work proves that she should be published, and often. 

I am so proud of this wonderful group of artists who agreed to come together to create this lovingly crafted, diverse, and exciting anthology. Every one of these artists deserve to have his and her works published, read, and cherished for years to come. Of course, I am also proud that we, as a group, decided to contribute the proceeds from this collection to benefit a charity. I think this simple act confirms the generous spirit and kindheartedness these fantastically talented people all share. I feel blessed to be a part of their lives, their journeys, and hopefully, their continued successes.

All these wonderful poets have agreed to donate all royalties from the sales of Ambrosia to charity and OWS INK was able to set up a partnership with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The ladies over at OWS INK have also provided an incredible tour to promote the book, these poets, and our cause. We would love for you to join us on this adventure. To see the stops on the tour, visit here:

Eric Keizer

Eric Keizer earned his B.A. in English from Drake University, and his M.A Ed. and teaching license from Aurora University in 2013 and released his first book of poetry, Urban Mythology, in April, 2017 CONNECT: Facebook

Ambrosia is available for pre-order for $2.99 through September 16th, before going up to $4.99. It is available on Amazon.


  1. Aww, reading this made me tear up! What a great group of poets!

  2. Thanks Eric! And thanks Stephen for supporting the book. I love that I got a chance to be part of such an awesome and talented group of people who chose to do this for an awesome cause.

  3. Hope that the book is a success! Swing back again sometime for a chat and let me know how it all went!