Sunday 19 February 2017

How to support artists you love - a Q&A with entrepreneur and producer Jay Isaacs

Artists, authors, performers... they all need to get the word out there on the work they are doing. But often consumers - be they readers, listeners, viewers - might not know the best way to support the artists they love with just a few simple ways to leave feedback. Jay Isaacs joins the blog to chat about his field. First off, Jay is a hell of a photographer that I've found it a privilege to work with. But he's so much more than that. But hey, I'll let Jay tell you all about that - and how you can help get the word out on the artists he works with. 

Hi Jay, and welcome to the blog. Now, you’re calling by to chat about reviews, feedback and how consumers can best help the artists they love. So, first thing first, tell us a little about the areas in which you work in the creative field.

I do so many things, but they’re all related in some way. Firstly I am co owner of JKL Media which is a boutique media firm specializing in photography, filmmaking and photobooth rental. JKL Media produces several local television shows and in 2017 will will be broadcast throughout the region and the world through the Icon of the Islands reality TV series and other Tempo Productions. Other than that I am a radio personality and owner of an indie record label named “Savage 100.” From time to time, I also dabble in event management and PR work.

Who are the artists and performers you work with?

As of now, we have three main artists and will be expanding to about seven including a band before the end of the quarter. Shon P,  King Twig and Angel Alei are our main artists. Three young, very talented rappers.

Artist Shon P

So what are the most helpful ways in which people can leave feedback for those artists?

Documented feedback on whatever platform you desire. No download or purchase necessary even though that would be lovely - just one spin would and review would do.

How does that help you? In what way does that have an impact?

Well, in today’s streaming world, plays add up. It’s pennies on the dollar but pennies still make a dollar but that’s plays. The feedback is important because platforms like Amazon, iTunes and others use this info to rank the various projects. Ranking is important because it helps digital sales. If you’re not being seen, chances are you won’t be heard or downloaded.

Savage Pop Art of Angel Alei

What if people feel intimidated by leaving a review? Can they simply leave a star rating or anything like that if they’re unsure how to go about a review?

I mean it’s a review, good or bad it helps. An honest critique taken the right way will help the artist to grow and get better while helping his/her work to move up in the ranks. Nothing to be intimidated about but, if you are, a like or a star rating with an emoji is always welcomed.

So where can people find the work of the artists you work with? Got any links handy?

For us at Savage 100, music is a passion and a business so we can be found wherever music can be streamed, download or sold. From the Amazon, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify to Shazam, we’re there.

I’ll leave links to our three new projects below.

What are you working on next?
We’re actually working on a US tour this summer and then it’s back into the studio to work on Shon P’s first EP. We have two more singles to drop before then so look out for it.

And lastly, leave a review of your own – tell us one hot up-and-coming artist we should be looking out for. 

Locally, I think there are a lot of artists stepping up their game and putting in that work. So if I had to put my stamp on anyone other than my artists, I would say T Rexx - he’s ready now, with the right series of events he’s the next big thing. Here’s a link:

Jay, many thanks, and good luck!

You can follow Jay's work and keep up with his projects on Twitter at

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  1. Great advice! Those seemingly small actions can make a greater impact than you even realize!