Friday 3 February 2017

FREE STORY: The Lost, by Leo McBride, available on Instafreebie

Everything the Bishop Generals told you is true, Daniels. It isn't safe. It isn't safe at all.”

There are moments in time where things can change, things can tip. That's the case in The Lost, where America takes a different course when a supernatural event changes everything. And every day, sentinels keep watch on the anomaly that remains. 

The Lost is a short story available free on Instafreebie, complete with that lovely cover by Ricardo Victoria. 

You can pick it up right here:

“How are they still standing?” he muttered, not realising it was loud enough to hear.
No one knows,” said the sergeant. “Whole damn place should be long gone. Most of those buildings – and the whole stockade – all wooden. Yet nothing's changed in the ten years I've been here.”

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