Friday 30 October 2015

Where in the world do I buy Tales From The Mists?

One of the oddities with selling on Amazon is that it has stores around the world. You might click on a link we've tweeted out only to find yourself in a different regional store. So... to make life easier for you, here are the collected links to stores around the world selling the creepy collection from Inklings Press.

The US and associated countries using Buy here
The UK: Buy here
Canada: Buy here.
Mexico: Buy here.
Australia: Buy here.
Germany: Buy here.
France: Buy here.
Spain: Buy here.
Italy: Buy here.
Netherlands: Buy here.
Japan: Buy here.
Brazil: Buy here.
India: Buy here.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the book - so if you have posted any reviews you could tweet our way that would be great. Or just catch up with us for a chat at @inklingspress.

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