Sunday 30 August 2015

NOW AVAILABLE: Tales From The Tavern - small stories of big fantasy!

is the debut publication of Inklings Press, featuring five tales of fantasy from five new writers.

In The Bear-Trap Grave, Brent A. Harris examines the meaning of friendship for people isolated from civilization in a story from the edges of a fantasy realm.

True story, by Alei Kotdaishura, examines how often the ‘official’ version of an fantasy tale rarely has any similarity with the... true story.

Matthew Harvey brings a traditional fantasy story in the form of Battle at Veldhaven, a real treat of the genre.

Silver Horn by Ricardo Victoria is a more comedic take on the traditional heroic quest as a young man discovers more about his own past while taking on his epic journey.

In A Taste for Battle, Leo McBride uncovers the aftermath of a drunken rant by a charming rogue that ends with him and his friend in a rough spot against an invading army.

The book is available on Amazon here. Or for those who prefer the UK version of the site here.

You can also read Q&A sessions on the blog here with authors Ricardo Victoria and Leo McBride. Keep an eye on the blog for upcoming Q&A sessions with fellow authors.

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