Thursday 7 September 2017

When Hurricane Irma comes to call

Hello, all.

So, you're not going to hear from me for a few days. You know those occasions when an insufferable visitor comes by, you can't get rid of them, and they hog all your time until they go again? Well, my visitor is called Irma. Hurricane Irma.

A NASA satellite image of Hurricane Irma

She's due to impact where I am here in The Bahamas - on New Providence - on Friday evening. So this time tomorrow, I'll likely be out of power as the hurricane rages around me and the family.

We're all prepared - as best one can be with a hurricane headed our way. The shutters are up, the supplies are stored away. The last couple of shutters will be closed over in the morning, so we have a bit of daylight until we close ourselves in to share the space with patience and claustrophobia.

As it stands, the storm track takes it south of us, so the forecast for the moment has us catching its outer effects rather than its core, so we're hopeful - and at the same time wishing the best for those caught in the full blast.

After the storm, my day job as a journalist will have me busy talking about the aftermath - the rescue efforts, the aid being sent those in need, the hard-working emergency personnel putting themselves in danger to reach out and help. So forgive me if you don't hear from me for those few days while the country reconnects power and clears the debris. I promise I'll pop back online as soon as possible to say hello.

A lot of people in different countries are going to be in need of help after this storm passes - we're already seeing the heavy impact of the storm on the likes of Barbuda and Puerto Rico, while Houston is still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Harvey. There are lots of great organisations who will do their best to help those places - so if you get the chance to help, I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated.

To friends and followers caught in the same hurricane's path, be safe and be well. I'll look forward to speaking to you all again as soon as possible.


UPDATE: The storm has come, the storm has gone - and thankfully where I am wasn't badly affected. A number of the other islands have been hit, though, and damage assessments are under way. You can follow regular updates on the storm rebuilding at

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