Monday, 28 August 2017

Q&A: Meet Brandon Lawson, screenwriter for the Eden's End web series

We have a guest today on the blog - author Brandon Lawson stops by to talk about the Eden's End series - which is a web series funded through an Indiegogo. Learn more below...

1)     What is Eden’s End about?

Eden’s End follows the journey of Gabriel who’s an angel, and his human friend who hunts down supernaturals who harm humans. They’re daily jobs come to a halt, when several supernaturals and humans come into pursuit of a powerful entity known as Eden which has the power of creation and destruction. Now Gabriel and Roy must race against these people to find Eden before it falls into the wrong hands.

2)     When will the show be out, and where?

We are expecting to release it sometime this Fall, and the episodes will be on YouTube. At first, the entire pilot will be released, and afterwards the episodes will be broken up into segments.

3)     Being independent, how is Eden’s End being made?

In terms of funding, we have set up an Indiegogo page that will help gather funds for the production of the entire season 1 for the show.

4)     What are the recent successes for leading up to the show?

So far we have released a concept trailer and a short film that kind of serves as a sneak peek to the show. They both have been received well especially on Facebook where the concept trailer has over 11k views, and the short film has gained over 20k views and has been shared by a popular movie trailer page. We are also submitting the short film to film festivals.

Writer Brandon Lawson

5)     What is your role in the web series?

I am one of the screenwriters for the episodes. I have helped to write the pilot, along with our concept trailer and short film of the web series.

6)     Why did you want to write for the series?

My brother’s friend approached me because my brother told him how I wrote stories. I like to write, and this was a way for me to expand on my writing since I was already writing short stories for my website, I wanted to add to it.

7)     What is your experience in writing?

I have been writing creatively for 2 years. I have written 22 fictional short stories which I posted on my website. Their genres range from crime, horror, science fiction, and more. I have also written a few movie articles. One of my short stories has been published in my college’s magazine. On top of that, I am currently working on a science fiction book of short stories which I plan on putting out on Amazon sometime next year.

You can learn more about Brandon's work - and Eden's End - at the links below.


Youtube channel for the show:

Facebook page for the show:

Instagram page for the show:

Indiegogo page:

My website:


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