Sunday 27 March 2016

KICKSTARTER: For What It's Worth, a fantasy movie by Andrew Clive Early

A good buddy of mine has launched a Kickstarter to make a fantasy movie - For What It's Worth. He stopped by the blog for a chat to give a bit more detail about his plans. 

Hi Drew, and first thing first, best wishes for the Kickstarter! Tell us a little more about the film that you have planned. 

The film is about an oppressive, sinister, logical and emotionless Elven society who spread their beauty and order thoughout the land.

Interesting - how does this all get going?

We join the story when a major battle is lost and, while many surrender, a group of humans are seen fleeing and continue to resist capture. Intrigued by this, an Elven commander departs with a group of his men to discover why they still fight on and what they are carrying in a mysterious chest.

The story also serves as a prequel to a novel I've been writing but, seeing as I'm dyslexic and stuck on my third chapter and a lot quicker at making film, I'll probably film more episodes of this prequel faster then I'd finish the book.

You've been involved in the world of film before as an extra in a number of productions - how will this film help you to springboard further into that area?

After 3 years at Plymouth College of Art, I'm about to embark on my final challenge - my graduate film, which will serve as a CV by being part of my show reel for potential jobs. It will also be entered into film festivals which in turn could generate prizes or employment

What's the background leading up to this moment? 

Well, Plymouth Community Homes have been redeveloping an area of Plymouth (England), where I live,  called North Prospect for almost ten years with the terms and conditions of how they will force me to sell my house under a compulsory purchase order changing almost every year. There is a good risk that I may not get enough money to buy my next home or worse that i could find myself in negative equity and end up owing money on a house I don't own to the mortgage lender.

Faced with this uncertainty, I decided to retrain in an area I felt I could best support my family. I choose film. Due to a medical discharge from the Royal Marines, I'm unable to re-train for many jobs, and after doing ten years working as a care worker, I find myself burnt out and unable to continue that line of work as well.

The Kickstarter runs until April 9 with a £900 target - what do backers get? 

Rewards for backers start from a thanks in the film and range up to receiving props such as bracers or an Elven helmet, and people backing for £300 can even get a cameo in the movie.

Who's supporting you already? 

I've aquired support from:
Drengskapt Hird (the Viking Society);
Plymouth Wrestling Alliance (PWA);
Local Larp group (Editor's note: Live Action Roleplaying).

What will the money go towards? 

The goal of £900 goes to fund costumes for the Elves, transport and food costs for cast and rental of the Hall in Tintagel. I've already began production on the Free Folk costumes for those not part of Drengskapt Hird (the Viking Society) or the local Larp group.

Anything else it will help out with? 

At the time of going to funding, all my actors are volunteers so while I have a very large group, casting could change any time. If I get a good amount of funding, then I can pay my actors and commit them to the project via contracts.

The only certainties are the bracers and helmets are being made, I have permission to film in Tintagel and Pendennis, and I have to hand a film end of May to finish my degree, something will get filmed...

That being said, I am committed to this project. Regardless of what I hand in for my degree, I will continue to film this project until it's completed.

Drew, best of luck - like the looks of the choreography sessions for the fighting in the video! Looking forward to seeing more. 

To find out more about the project - and to help support it - find the Kickstarter page here:

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