Sunday 27 January 2013

The novel: a work in progress

Nathan woke, gasping for air. He felt his chest, where his heart pounded hard, over and over and over again.
His vest was soaked with sweat.
He looked over at the clock. Almost 3am.
He got to his feet and staggered to the bathroom, where he ran the tap hard and splashed water repeatedly onto his face.
And all he could think to himself, running around and around in his head, were four words. The dream was real. The dream was real. The dream was real.

And so the novel continues. Spurred on by the wonderful nanowrimo - and seriously, if you've ever wanted to write a novel and never visited the wonderful then you're missing a trick - I'm getting back into the world of my novel, Fresh Blood, and aiming to finish it off.
I'm around the halfway mark - all major characters bar one have been introduced. Our hero, Nathan, is investigating a series of murders, but something strange is afoot: he is having visions of the murders as they take place. Each night, he wakes from a dream where he sees things through the eyes of the killer. Each night, he grasps at the memories of that dream to try and find a clue, a hint that will help him track down the killer and, for his sanity's sake, prove that these nightmares are real. Each day, he tries to match those clues to the real world, before the killer strikes again. 
He doesn't understand why this is happening to him. But there is a reason. A reason that will change his world forever. 
Watch for updates here or on my Twitter, over @chippychatty. Nathan's story is getting closer to its finish.

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