Thursday 24 January 2013

Out of hibernation

Like a bear yawning at the end of winter and poking its nose out of its cave, so Altered Instinct is surfacing again from hibernation.
When I moved to the Bahamas a little over a year ago now, I purposely put the blog to sleep for a while. A new job, a new world, a new location, new friends... it all added up to a time when I needed to devote myself to everything around me, so this gentle little time passer had to be parked for a while.
That first year now up, I'm dusting it off and letting it back out to play. So if you have been here before, welcome back. If you're new, hi - I'm glad to meet you.
This isn't my only outlet these days either - you can also catch my Big T web blog over at, where I dabble with some of the more fun websites out there. More suggestions always welcome!
And, as ever, I'm on Twitter, over @chippychatty.
Speak again soon!

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