Monday 31 October 2011

A novel in a month


Writing a novel in a month? That's got to be crazy!

Maybe so - but I'm going to hop aboard for National Novel Writing Month, about which more information can be found at

The goal of the project is quantity, not necessarily quality, but for me, I'm going to use it to power through the start of a new novel project that's been ticking away in the back of my mind and has been resolutely left there while I work on my fantasy novel, my main project.

So, for the next month, I'll be branching out into a modern-day horror novel, a tale of a serial killer and the man who hunts him, and the supernatural bond that ties them together. Not a word has been written yet, but the plot outline is all there in my head, after first percolating up in a roleplaying session a long time back.

Under the working title Fresh Blood, we'll see how far I get, and just what the effects will be of trying to work to that 30-day schedule.

Any fellow writers wanting to join in, consider this a call to join me in a mutual 30-day support group.

Wish me luck!

1 comment:

  1. Opening lines:

    HE screamed as he woke.
    Nathan sat upright with a start, his body still trying to get away from whatever it was that was chasing him in his dream.
    He gasped for air, clumsily flailing about himself, reaching for the glass of water on his cabinet. Finding it, he paused, his mind making him stop to check the details. The clock reading 3.42am. The moonlight filtering through the blinds, picking up the sheen of sweat on his dark skin. The silence in the room. The silence.
    One hand reached across to the other side of the bed. To Annie. But only finding empty space.