Monday 20 June 2011

Youth work project in an ebook format

What's the best way to gather opinions?

Face-to-face? Over the internet? Using a questionnaire? Blog responses? Why not all of them?

I'm working on a tender for a youth project - which aims to create a toolkit to help ensure young people's voices are heard. The goal is to make sure those gathering opinions are asking the right questions - hence, a toolkit. So to me, accessibility is key. And accessibility means as many outlets as possible. 

So tonight I've been working on material in a variety of formats - from fill-your-response-here Word documents, to pdf files that present the corporate image more clearly. And ebook formats to make the toolkit available to anyone who has a mobile phone or tablet computer that can display them.

An ebook sample can be found here in Kindle format:

And here in epub format:

Because, sometimes, having an electronic version readily available can be a distinct advantage.

And to compare, here's the sample of the pdf version of the same document I created earlier:

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