Monday 30 May 2011

First ebook versions completed

Early days yet - but today I've been working on creating ebook files. I've just used a short story which I've formatted, added a scratch cover to, and it seems to work fine for Kindle and for the epub reader I've got on my PC. Now looking to test it out.

The files are available at:



Files also being made available elsewhere. Reports back to come here.


  1. First feedback:

    Worked instantly for Pc app. Tried to sync but it doesnt sync to phone - nor do other ebooks I have imported not from Amazon. Tried to open the email on my mobile but it says file type cannot be downloaded as type not supported. Sigh ... ;)

  2. Second feedback:

    All of the books I have in my Kindle foldder that are not direct from amazon show up fine in my PC version, but dont sync to show on other devices - e.g. Lovecraft stuff I put on. The same happens with your book, looks fine on pc but wont show up on phone.

    Hold the fort - it just syned in ...

    Looks fine - optimised to the phones screen perfectly. Just needed to attempts to syn. Maybe the device was slow to register the new content. FINE and dandy now though. Hope this helps?